Beauty Buffet Lansley Vitamin C Face Toner Bright and White

Harga: 250.000 perbotol.

Lansley Vitamin c Radiance Toner by beauty buffet Original.

Toner specially formulated for skin care. Help clean the skin with moisture for the skin. Removes dirt and excess fat that clogs the pores. The cause of acne. Enriched with Vitamin C in the form of stability (Ascobyl Glucoside) was developed from the advanced technology of Japan. Improves skin tone and clarity. The grouping of the pigment.

Cocok untuk semua jenis kulit.

Kontak kami:
Sms : 083824024412
Pin bbm by request
Line id : jra41
Twitter : @vemaleviolet
Fb : Vemale Violet

Format order : Nama, alamat, no hp dan nama produk yang dipesan ~ kirim ke kontak di atas (via sms fast respond ya sis)


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