Eity Eight Glam Shine Cream Eyeshadow Pallete Korea

Harga : 390.000

VER.88 GLAM SHINE Cream Eyeshadow Palette produksi KOREA ORIGINAL

Paint your eye sparkling and glittering with shimmer that creat a shining look to your eyes. Pigmented colour with 6 different ranges of colour in 1 package.

VER.88 GLAM SHINE Cream Eyeshadow Palette is cream eyeshadow. It is mooth and easy to blend with the shimmer that gives your eyes a shining, outstanding, and attractive look.

Provided with a sponge applicator designed for cream eyeshadow. With extracted ingredients to nourish the area around your eyes, no more swarthy eyes. Suitable for every skin type

There are 6 colours in 1 box
#Cotton Smile
#Rosy Nude
#True Coral
#Pink Copper
#Dirty Sweet
#Golden Mink

How to use:
Use the applicator with a selected colour and blend it on your eyelids.
Net weight:2 g./ 1 color / 6 color in box

made in korea

Kontak kami:
Sms : 083824024412
Pin bbm by request
Line id : jra41
Twitter : @vemaleviolet
Fb : Vemale Violet

Format order : Nama, alamat, no hp dan nama produk yang dipesan


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