Ver.88 Glam Rock Nonstop Long & Curl Waterproof Mascara

Harga : 135.000 perpcs.

VER.88 GLAM ROCK NONSTOP LONG & CURL Waterproof Mascara “Volume, thick laches in every angle” Add volume to your eyelashes.


Make you look outstanding, attractive, and mysterious. Is a black mascara that creates length and extreme volume up to 75 degrees to your eyelashes. It incredibly increases the thickness to your lashes. It is waterproof, no smudging, and doesnt stain during the day.

The brush was designed to every type of lashes and reaches every single lash. It gives your lashes thickness and length on the ultimate level. It is also easy to wash off. Its available in 1 colour; #01 black.

How to use:
1. Start with the bottom with your lashes and gently brush them up and down.
2. If you want to increase thickness, repeat brushing again until it dries out.

Net weight: 10 g.
FDA: 10-2-5926119


Kontak kami:
Sms : 083824024412
Pin bbm by request
Line id : jra41
Twitter : @vemaleviolet
Fb : Vemale Violet

Format order : Nama, alamat, no hp dan nama produk yang dipesan ~ kirim ke kontak di atas (via sms fast respond ya sis)


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